Chain And Sprocket Care for your quad or Moped or Motorcycles

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Chain And Sprocket Care for your quad or motorcycle 

As part of a Rieju maintenance , the chain is probably the #1 thing on a routine checklist. It’s a bigger deal than you would realize. You don’t want to be riding around with a dry chain and sprockets, ever. A well lubed chain rewards you with more prolonged miles of happy riding, and also a lubed chain is less likely to have seized up links.

  • When lubricating the chain & sprockets, you may do it like this: -
  • Get any rag cloth, wipe the chain free from dirt
  • Spray/Spread “tiny” amounts of lubricant inside the links
  • Ensure the sprocket “teeth” are covered in lubricant also
  • Push the bike around for 5 minutes, so that the lubricant spreads – (or alternatively), put the bike in “Neutral(N)” and spin the rear wheel (if it is off the ground)
  • Wipe off any excess chain lubricant (otherwise it will fling off everywhere!)

Personally, I use “Rock Oil Chain Lube“, it seems to be the best lubricant for my chain as it keeps it lubricated for much longer (especially on hot days!) … Other brands I can suggest are: ”Castrol” , “Silkolene” , “Shell”. Make sure the lubricant (lube) you buy, is correct for your chain (X-Ring, O-Ring, etc..) Some chain lubricants will work on all types of chains.

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