D.I.D's High Performance Racing Chain for Motocross D.I.D Exclusive Racing is the SX MX Champion available from www.chainsandsprockets.com

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The All New D.I.D 520DZ2 is the best value in a light weight, high performance chain designed for motocross racing. The 520DZ2 is rated up to a 450 c.c. motocross bike and is now available in our popular GOLD finish. The 520DZ2 has a 2 time longer life than the previous 520DZ.

420NZ3* MAX. C.C. 150 Mini MX
428NZ MAX. C.C. 100 Mini MX
520DZ2 MAX. C.C. 450 Great Value
520ERT2* MAX. C.C. 450 MX Champion
520MX MAX. C.C. 500 Heavy Duty
*NOTE: Former ERT & 420NZ2 Connecting Links are not interchangable.
Former DZ & DZ2 Connecting Links are not interchangable.

• D.I.D ER chain is designed exclusively for racing. 
• 520ERT2 is used by the top factory Supercross and Motocross Teams.
• 520MX chain has higher tensile strength for maximum performance and is ideal for muddy conditions.

• D.I.D's exclusive SDH pin treatment is the secret behind the superior performance of our 520ERT2, 520 MX and all NZ Series chains. This hi-tech pin treatment forms an extremely hard chromium carbide layer on the pins surface while maintaining a soft inner core.

• SDH treated pins have extreme impact strength while maintaining outstanding shock absorption. This treatment creates a chain with anti-oxidation properties and superior wear resistance against invasion of hard foreign materials.

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