KMC Using Green Upgrades to Improve Product Life of chains

By Josh Wiggs 0 comments

KMC is placing the emphasis on resistance in 2015, with susceptibility to rust, friction and stretch all addressed in upgrades to its premium racing chains. The maker says improved coatings – the result of environmentally friendly production processes at its Taiwan factory – extend product life by as much as 20%

KMC's X11SL DLC – a racing chain used by Belgium-based UCI Tour team Vacansoleil-DCM in 2013 Tour de France – has been given a Diamond-Like Coating, which cuts friction and limits stretch. KMC says DLC series chains can be coupled with colored inner plates and pins to boost product visibility for makers.

One such OEM customers is Specialized of the US, which has used KMC's DLC-Red Chain to accentuate its top-of-the-line S-Works Tarmac and Venge models.

KMC is touting its Eco ProTeQ (EPT) process, which augments the anti-corrosion properties of its coatings, as a breakthrough in rust protection. All chain components are given the EPT treatment, which meets European Union and US standards for environmental protection. KMC says EPT doubles the rust resistance even when subjected to the most adverse weather conditions.

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