Motorcycle Drive Chain Links

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Motorcycle Drive Chain Links

Split Chain Links : Rivet Chain Links : Soft Chain Links : Chain Hard Links : Chain Connecting Links : Spring Chain Links : Joining Chain Links : Master Chain Links : Motorcycle Chain Links. Basically, there's only two types of link used on motorbike drive chains. A split link (spring clip) or a rivet link (soft link) but these can be known or named as any of the above link types. Most O-ring and X-ring chains only offer a rivet link. Non O-ring or Non X-ring chains tend to have only a spring clip link. Most modern motorcycles have continuous drive chains with no split link. To replace the chain, the chain must be broken using a chain breaker tool and the new chain securely riveted together using a new soft rivet-type link. It is strongly advisable to renew your sprockets at the same time as replacing your chain.

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