New D.I.D 520VX2 drive chain in stock for motorcycles and quads now

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New Pro-Street X-Ring® VX2 Series. Created from the severe demands of today’s top World Superbikes, D.I.D is proud to introduce this New high performance VX Series. In developing this new series, D.I.D focused on improving “Rigidity”. Traditionally, “Tensile Strength” has been used to indicate the overall strength of a chain. But Tensile Strength is only a laboratory static measurement of a chain’s “breaking point”. Rigidity, on the other hand, is the ability of a chain to withstand forces that occur in a rider’s real world experience. Increased rigidity means better power transfer from the engine to the ground and greater resistance to stretching under load. This translates into smooth handling and quicker response time. To maximize performance, D.I.D’s race proven X-Ring® design delivers overall improved performance that meets the demands of today’s high-performance machines. 

D.I.D's X-Ring chain is designed for high performance motorcycles and Quads. Their patented X-Ring construction creates a chain that is both low in friction and high in wear resistance.

D.I.D's sealed chains incorporate D.I.D's uniquely designed seal-rings which seal D.I.D's special "V" grease in the pin/bushing area and lock dirt out. They are expected to last at least ten times longer than standard chains without significant wear elongation under satisfactory maintenance. .

These special oil seals produce 50% less friction and 50-100% longer wear life than standard o-ring chain

Features gold and black colour plates

D.I.D. is the #1 chain manufacturer in the world. These chain are prestretched, which gives minimal elongation during use and with an average tensile strength of 8120 lbs.

Excellent as a road chain up to 750 cc and all applications for motocross/enduro.

- Solid rollers
- Shot-peened parts
- High cylindrical and roundness accuracy
- Low friction
- Pre-stretched
- Extended riveted bushing "Anti-Kink" design
- Special alloy steel
- Average tensile strength of 8,120 lbs.

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