NEW JT Motorcycle, motorcross and Quad Chain power transfer update August 2014

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New Range - 520X1R2

We are very excited to announce an additional 520 X-Ring chain to the range – “520X1R2”. With upgraded larger outer plates we have significantly increased tensile strength and this will now be our first recommended grade of X-Ring chain for all 520 street / dual purpose models, with 520Z1R continuing to be available as a Super Heavy Duty X-Ring option.

The 520X1R2 chain will be an additional grade which will be stocked alongside to the existing 520X1R.

The 520X1R chain will remain as our lighter-weight 520 X-Ring recommended for motocross specific use and as such will now be stocked in the MX specialised range of sizes from 114L – 120L and 124L.

Both 520X1R and 520X1R2 will be available in black steel and Gold & Black finish. They will be packed with our new DL “Dual Link” connection links which allows fitment as either Rivet or Spring type link.

To assist you to introduce the new 520X1R2 chain to your customers, although it is a higher specification chain, the price will remain the same as 520X1R

New Range - 428X1R Chain

Our first 428X1R X-Ring chain for street and motocross use is now in production. To begin with we will be stocking popular lengths 124L, 128L, 134L and 142L. Any other popular lengths which may be popular can be added immediately for orders over 20pcs.

Upgrade Specification - 420 /428 HDR (2)

All 420/428 HDR chain is being produced under new HDR (2) specification now with solid bush. The new solid bush chains will supersede the older specification. Connecting links for HDR / HDR (2) are fully interchangeable.

Upgrade Specification - 520 HDR (2) / HDS (2)

All 520 HDR / HDS chain is being produced under new HDR (2) and HDS (2)specification now with riveted bush. The new riveted solid bush chains will supersede the older specification. Connecting links for HDR / HDR (2) and HDS / HDS (2) are fully interchangeable.

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