Tsubaki motorcycle chain offers outstanding corrosion resistance

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Tsubaki chain offers outstanding corrosion resistance - Tsubaki Europe News

Tsubaki motorcycles chain offers outstanding corrosion resistance

Tsubaki, one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium quality motorcycle chain products, has invested considerable research and development into the design and production of its latest N.E.P. (New Environmental Plating) chain.

The demands made of chain drive systems in today's world can be extremely tough and the working environment can be just as hard. Applications which are exposed to frequent washdowns, harsh weather conditions or involve a chain being submerged in water require a superior level of corrosion resistance built into the drive chain to ensure continued reliable service. Especially in the UK! 

Each component of this New Environmental Plating chain is engineered to provide a greatly extended service life compared to competing products and thereby deliver reliability and peace of mind to the customer.

The Tsubaki product retains the same strength as carbon steel chain, but, in addition, has undergone a special surface treatment process. The link plates, bushes and bearing pins of the chain have a special three-stage coating applied in order to provide the maximum protection from the operating or environmental conditions. In addition, the chain rollers have a special coating designed to resist corrosive conditions and the severe dynamic contact between roller and sprocket.

More data at http://tsubaki.eu/news/2014/05/tsubaki-chain-offers-outstanding-corrosion-resistance/

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