What about tension? what tension? Chain Tension of Course

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What about Chain tension?

Your chain may be well lubricated, but you also want to make sure it has the correct tension. Why? Because:

  • A tight chain, will damage the sprockets & chain quicker than you will realize. Also if the chain has many tight spots or if it gets under too much load, it will snap and EAT YOUR ENGINE ALIVE!
  • A lose chain, will no doubt cause a lot of rattling, flipping around up/down grinding the swing arm metal, under worse situations it may just come off the sprocket!

What is the correct tension for the chain?

An easy way is to place two fingers between your chain & the chain-guide(small plastic guide attached to the swing arm, which prevents the chain, eating the swing arm as it moves). If the chain is pressing your fingers, then you know it is tight enough.

However, it is ALWAYS recommended to follow the Owner’s Manual on the correct amount of tension

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