New Arrivals

Hiflo Filtro HF170C Chrome Body Premium Oil Filter
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £7.63
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £7.63
  • High performance motorcycle oil filter
  • Constructed using the best materials available
  • Meets or exceeds OEM performance levels
  • TUV approved

Hiflofiltro is the world's first and only TUV approved motorcycle oil filter. Constructed using the best materials available, all Hiflofiltro oil filters meet or exceed original equipment performance levels. Available for street, scooter, motocross, enduro, ATV, UTV, marine outboard, and snowmobile models.

JTR1876 Black Edition Induction Hardened ZBK Motorcycle Sprocket 44 Teeth (JTR 1876.44)
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £25.76
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £25.76


  • Induction Hardened ZBK Sprocket
  • Meet or exceed Japanese OEM standards
  • Optimum design for light weight and strength
  • Finished In Black Zinc 
  • Teeth Heat Induction Hardened To 38-50 HRC

Made by JT Sprockets, world leading aftermarket sprocket manufacturer for over 30 years. JT Sprockets offer an unbeatable combination of quality, durability, and price. JT Drive sprockets are exclusively made from the finest Japanese ultra-durable high carbon C49 Steel or SCM415 Chromoly Steel Alloy.

Compatible Bikes:

Manufacturer Model Year
Suzuki GSXS1000 F-L5,L6,L7,L8 2015-2018
Suzuki GSXS1000 L5,L6,L7,L8 2015-2018
Suzuki GSXS1000 Z 2018
DID Gold Heavy Duty Motocross / Enduro X-Ring Quad Racing Drive Chain 520 ATV 108 Links with Split Link
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £64.58

This chain's length is only supplied in 108 link length and may need adjusting to fit your quad, which can be done with our DID Style Chain Breaker Tool.


  • Premium ATV Race Grade DID Chain
  • Gold & Black finish
  • Advanced steel alloy used to protect against heat induced failures
  • Proprietary X-Ring technology which reduces friction and chain maintenance whilst increasing wear resistance
  • DID X-Ring technology provides greater wear resistance than any other O-Ring or non-sealed chain
  • Proven high tensile strength (3460kg), above Japanese OEM standards
  • Engineered for strength with solid rollers, high cylindrical & roundness accuracy and made from special alloy steel
  • Race engineered lightweight at just 1.66kg per 100 links
  • Supplied with race developed split link for quick installation combined with maximum durability

DID is the largest and most respected supplier in the world of motorcycle chains and rims for both OEM and aftermarket applications. DID contributes to the development and promotion of two-wheeled and offroad motorsports through important sponsorships and collaborations with the leading racing teams around the world, such as Ducati MotoGP Team, Yamaha MotoGP Team, Honda World Motocross Team and several top teams in the U.S.A. league AMA Supercross. With a comprehensive product range which includes chains for Road, Motocross, Enduro, Trial, and an exclusive ER series for Racing, DID is able to meet every specific need of the market.

The 520 ATV features reinforced sideplates provide extra strength for Racing. Special steel alloy is used to protect against "heat cracking" in cold weather due to severe heating and cooling during competition. DID has combined its ultimate grade of heavy duty chain with X-Ring and race technology to produce a lightweight chain which combines high tensile strength, durability and low friction. This gives you the edge when racing in off-road competition, no matter the conditions.

4MX Rear Orange Aluminium Motorcycle Sprocket (897.48)
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £25.60
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £25.60
4MX (Made by ZF) Rear Orange Aluminium Sprocket - European Made. 48 tooth.
  • 4MX Rear Sprockets are 66% lighter than steel.
  • Precision CNC manufactured to extremely tight tolerances.
  • High strength specially enhanced 7075 T6 aluminium alloy.
  • Computer aided Ultralight design gives the maximum reduction of unsprung weight at the rear wheel, to give maximum power transfer.
  • Self-cleaning mud grooves between every tooth on both sides prevent dirt build up.

Compatible Bikes:

Manufacturer Model Year
Husaberg FC350 6 Speed 2000-2001
Husaberg FC400 6 Speed 2000-2001
Husaberg FC450 2004-2006
Husaberg FC501 6 Speed 2000-2001
Husaberg FC550 2005-2008
Husaberg FE350 2000-2001
Husaberg FE400 e 2000-2003
Husaberg FE450 e 2004-2008
Husaberg FE501 2000-2001
Husaberg FE550 e 2004-2008
Husqvarna 250 TC 2016
Husqvarna 450 FC 2016-2018
Husqvarna 450 FS - Europe 2018
Husqvarna 450 FX 2017
Husqvarna 450 FX 2018
KTM 125 EXC Enduro 1995-1997
KTM 125 Enduro 1991-1994
KTM 125 LC2 Enduro 1997-1998
KTM 150 SX Motocross 2013-2017
KTM 150 SX Motocross 2018
KTM 200 EXC Enduro - USA 2000-2005
KTM 200 MXC Enduro - USA 1999-2004
KTM 200 XC 2006-2010
KTM 200 XCW 2006-2016
KTM 250 EXC Enduro - Europe 2000-2003
KTM 250 EXC Racing 2002
KTM 250 SX Motocross 2004-2016
KTM 250 SXF Racing 2006-2012
KTM 250 XCF 2007-2011
KTM 250 XCWF 2007-2010
KTM 300 EXC Enduro - Europe 2000-2003
KTM 300 MX 1990
KTM 380 EXC Enduro - Europe 2000-2002
KTM 400 EXC Racing - Europe 2000-2002
KTM 400 SC Super Competition 1997-2000
KTM 450 RR 2014
KTM 450 SMR 2008-2014
KTM 450 SXF Factory Edition 2017-2018
KTM 450 SXF 2016-2018
KTM 450 XCF 2016-2018
KTM 520 EXC Enduro Racing - USA 2000-2002
KTM 520 EXC Enduro Racing 2001-2002
KTM 520 MXC Racing 2001-2002
KTM 520 SX Motocross Racing 1999-2002
KTM 525 EXC Enduro Racing - Australia 2003
KTM 525 EXC Enduro Racing - USA 2003
KTM 525 SX Motocross Racing 2003-2006