Ana Carrasco - Female Racing Legend

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Ana Carrasco - Female Racing Legend

Ana Carrasco - Female Racing Legend

Ana Carrasco is a Spanish Motorcycle Racer who has made history. In 2018 she won the World Supersport 300 Championship riding a Kawasaki Ninja 400, making her the first female rider in history to win a World Championship in solo motorcycle road racing.

She began riding a minibike at the age of only 3, after her elder sister didn't use it. At the start of her career, Carrasco gained success in the domestic junior motorcycle racing categories with victories in the 125cc Extremeño Speed Championship & the 125cc Murcia-Pre-GP Championship in 2009. She then moved to the FIM CEV International Championship in 2011, and became the first woman to score points in the series.

Despite this brilliant news, women have not always been welcomed in the sport of motorcycle racing. Original regulations laid down by the FIM (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme) in the early days of racing stated that competitors must be ‘male persons between 18 and 55 years of age.’ These rules didn’t apply to Sidecar racing, so in 1954 the intrepid German Female Racer, Inge Stoll-Laforge, caused a sensation by entering the Isle of Man TT – the biggest motorcycle race in the world at the time. Since then, an increasing amount of women are taking part in motorcycle racing, and as we can see from Ana Carrasco's story, they're making history.

It's fantastic to see a young female rider paving the way for women in such a male dominated sport. We wish her all the best for the future. 💪

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