Jayda Howe: Donington Park Race Report

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Jayda Howe: Donington Park Race Report

Jayda Howe: Donington Park Race Report

Chains & Sprockets are proud to be sponsoring the young biker Jayda Howe from Ipswich, Suffolk. šŸ

On the 24th-26th of this month, Jayda raced at Donington Park with Thundersport GB. She had some struggles during this race, but pulled through which is something to be very proud of! Well done Jayda!

Jayda stated "Thank you to all my sponsors for getting me to the grid for the 2020 season, eventually we got started. Was really excited to get to get out on my shiny new bike with all my new gear you provided."

On the Friday, it was Jayda's first time back on the Yamaha R3 since early March, so she spent the day getting comfortable on the bike again after lockdown.

The Saturday unfortunately didn't bring great weather. She put in a lap time of 1.37.329 which putĀ her 31st on the grid out of 32. Jayda improvedĀ herĀ lap time with a 1.35.531 and finished in 25th place overall and 19th inĀ her class. During race 2,Ā it started to drizzle asĀ she came into Redgate (the first corner) on the third lap and unfortunately she high-sided. She jumped up back toĀ her bike but realisedĀ the race was over. Straight behindĀ her as she was walking away through the gravel were 3 more people who had crashed at the same corner! Luckily she got out of the way in time.

On Sunday, she woke up raring to go again, despite the unfortunate events which happened the previous day. Jayda moved up one place on the grid fromĀ her Saturday race. She went out for a warm up but noticed the bike didn't feel right, so she pulled it back in after 2 laps and made some adjustments. In race 1, she still noticed something was not quite right but managed to finish and made it to 26th place, 21st in her class. She started race 2 but the bike still didn't feel right so she unfortunately had to finish early.

Jayda stated "Itā€™s great to be back racing and I was having an amazing weekend up until my crash. Started the season on a good note and was super happy to beat last year's time by 21 seconds. First weekend back and know there is more to come from me and the bike. Big thank you to MT helmets and DRC race leathers for the super gear that resisted the crash, avoided me getting injured and got me back out on track Sunday."

Well done Jayda, we love seeing Jayda's progress in her motorcycling career and we wish her good luck for all her future races! āš™ļøā›“


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