Jayda Howe - Race Report Cadwell October 2020

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Jayda Howe - Race Report Cadwell October 2020

Jayda Howe - Race Report Cadwell October 2020

Chains & Sprockets are proud to sponsor Jayda Howe - Here is her latest race report!


Race report from the final round of 2020 at Cadwell Park with Thundersport GB on 23rd - 25th October

Wet Friday practice: In all sessions on Friday Jayda felt really comfortable on the bike and had lots of confidence in the wet tyres. She was able beat her dry lap time from the No Limits Ladies Charity Race that she took part in last month by 12 seconds even though it was wet, so that’s a great achievement!

Saturday: The track was still a little bit damp and cold in the morning so she left the wet tyres on for qualifying and she got 12th in class. In race 1 she switched to dry tyres and finished in 11th, knocking another 2 seconds off her time from Friday. Race 2 was declared a wet race so she switched back to the wet tyres. Track was damp but on lap 5 she crashed out at Park corner so unfortunately got a DNF for race 2, luckily did not do too much damage and she was ok!

Sunday she woke up to sunshine but the track was still wet for warm up. She had to check the bike after the crash the previous day and everything felt good. We went with the wet tyres for race 1 and the track started to dry but kept going and she finished in 10th. Another change of tyres for the dry track in race 2 track and she finished in 13th.

Jayda really enjoyed this weekend as Cadwell is becoming one of her favourite tracks, she just wishes she had a bit more dry practice time! This weekend was the first time she got a little bit of air under her front wheel as she came over the mountain. Jayda says she ‘Feels like I'm starting to make big steps on the R3 so let’s hope we get full season next year!’.

Well done Jayda and good luck for next year!



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