JT Rubber Cushioned Front Sprockets

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JT Rubber Cushioned Front Sprockets

JT Rubber Cushioned Front Sprockets

Introducing our latest addition to our JT Sprockets range the Rubber Cushioned JTF Front Drive Motorcycle Sprocket.

Rubber cushioned sprockets have been widely used by the major Japanese motorcycle manufacturers since early 1990's to dampen the chain impact on the teeth of the front sprocket. JT Sprockets has now released these same sprockets to the after market. Quality, design and OEM proven technology are the same as used for what is supplied to the motorcycle manufacturers and genuine replacement parts.

Just search your bike model in our easy-to-use motorcycle selector to find if your model can upgrade it's front drive sprocket today!

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  • Mel

    Can you tell me when JT started selling rubber cushioned front sprockets for kawasaki, we are having discussion on a forum.


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