Sponsoring Josh Bannister 🏍

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Sponsoring Josh Bannister 🏍

Sponsoring Josh Bannister 🏍

This year Chains & Sprockets are sponsoring several motorbike racers. One of those being Josh Bannister - he is 9 years old and has been racing since he turned 5.

Josh currently races in the COOLFAB British Championship aboard a prototype Mini Moto in the Elite LC40 Junior Class, and a Metrakit GP50 machine in the GP50 class.

Josh loves everything bikes 🏍He also trains 5 days a week in the swimming pool.

Josh finished 6th this season on the Mini Moto and 4th on the Metrakit which was a fantastic showing (especially considering it was his first season on a geared bike) - he was just 11 points off 3rd place and 22 points off 2nd place. 

For this season we supplied Josh with an NZ3 DID Special Racing Chain in 420 Pitch - available on our site. ⛓

Josh has over 3200 followers on Facebook (Josh Bannister Racing) and 1000 followers on Instagram (joshbannisterracing).  < Check out his pages! We wish him the best of luck for his races this season. 🤞

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